How to Clean a White Kitchen Sink

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When my husband and I were newlyweds, we moved into a nice apartment with a stainless steel sink. Sure, it was supposed to be high-end, but boy did it drive me nuts. I could not get that darn thing clean.

Since then, we have lived in two homes, both with white kitchen sinks. Although they can get pretty rough-looking if you neglect them for a while, they are very easy to clean-with the right tools in your belt!

Before of White Dirty Sink
Yuck. Don’t judge.


Above is a before of my kitchen sink. My hubby was on vacation for two weeks, so I kinda was too! Many things were neglected, including the sink-don’t judge! On top of that, I had just soaked, scrubbed, and rinsed our kitchen vent filter and it left marks on my white porcelain. Arg!

After Scrubbing Sink
Here is the sink after a quick scrub.
Sink After Scrub
Scratches still there!

Here is a picture of the sink after I scrubbed it with a sponge. A little better, but still needs help. The marks from the vent didn’t get much better.

Bar Keepers Friend/Hot Mess Housewife’s Friend!

Next, I whipped out my secret weapon-Bar Keeper’s Friend! There are many ways to use this product, but I have found it makes the biggest difference on my kitchen sink. I like the powdered version the best, but they also have a gel version of it. I sprinkled it in the sink, just like I would AJAX or Comet. I got that same sponge I used earlier and scrubbed the whole sink again. It is always amazing to watch it remove scratches! It just polishes them out!

Scrubba dub dub!
What scratches?!


Rinse out the sink very well, leaving no product behind.

The Bar Keeper’s Best Friend did a great job cleaning my sink, but I always spray a little watered down bleach all over the sink and let it set for a few minutes. This really makes it WHITE and BRIGHT!

Clean sink!
Much better!

So there you have it! This task took me less than 10 minutes to do, and sure did change the whole feeling of my kitchen. Now if only it would make doing dishes more fun! 😉

Kitchen Sink Pin

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