Is it Time to Put a Pin in Pinterest? How I let Pinterest Rob Me of My Joy (and How I Got it Back!)


Pin in Pinterest.pngLet me start off by saying that I love Pinterest. I love seeing pictures of people’s beautiful homes with their well though out cleaning schedules and effective command centers. I love pinning recipes that I think my husband will enjoy. I love searching for help when I need tips on how to calm a teething baby, take a stain off a shirt, or use a Kreg-Jig when building a bench! How would I have survived as a new housewife without Pinterest?! Pinterest has it all and I have really, really enjoyed it-until I learned what it was doing to me.

I recently discovered in counseling that I am quite mean.…to me! I am constantly talking down to myself as I go through my day.

“Your child has black feet. Wash your dang floors you horrible housewife!”

“Really? When is the last time you washed your bras? You’re so gross.”

“You aren’t being a good mom if you just focus on housework. Get your priorities straight.”

“When are you going to finally get it together, woman?!”

I could go on forever. I would be appalled if someone talked to a loved one the way I talk to myself, and yet, I do it all the time. This leads to periods of sadness, frustration, anger, self-loathing…all sorts of negative feelings robbing me of my joy.

No, this is not healthy. More importantly, it’s not true. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says we should “take every thought captive.” Imagine grabbing a thought in your hands, taking a good hard look at it, and deciding if it’s true or not.

Does having dirty floors make me a horrible housewife? Of course not. It’s just one area I’m not that great at and can work to improve!

Does not having recently cleaned bras make me gross? No! Sure, they could use a wash, but they don’t smell or anything!

Now I’m not saying Pinterest is to blame for my lack of positive self-image, but it sure hasn’t helped. People on Pinterest put their best self on display. That beautiful kitchen? It’s probably not always spotless! That perfect looking pie? Probably not the first pie they made! The flawless make-up? Like that happens every day!

I remember when I was younger, wanting to have hair as awesome as DJ Tanner’s. (Didn’t we all?) So fluffy, so perfect. My mom, always the voice of reason, explained that she has professional hair stylists doing her hair in between every scene. It’s TV, not reality! Only the perfect hair gets aired on TV!

Since starting a blog, I have found myself doing the exact same thing-trying to fool my readers into thinking I have it all together. Let’s not forget what my blog is called, people! I tend to put only my best photos on Instagram or my blog posts. In reality, there is messy house behind 99.9% of the photos I share and I’m pretty darn sure I’m not alone! Maybe I should have “behind the scene” photos at the bottom of my posts to help fellow hot-messes know they have a friend!

In fact, this is my view right now. Take a look at reality:IMG_4586.JPG

No filter can save this picture! 🙂

So when you see a perfectly gorgeous photo on Pinterest and begin to think negatively about yourself, take that thought captive. Is the person who took this photo 100% perfect? No! Are you a loser because your home doesn’t’ look like that? No! Take a chill pill. Give yourself grace. You’re okay, I’m okay!

So where to go from here? Do I quit Pinterest-the site that helped me plan my wedding, teach countless lesson plans as a teacher, survive pumping/breastfeeding-cold turkey?

Nah, I just need to look at Pinterest with the right mind. I am learning to “take every thought captive.,” whether it be thoughts that enter my head while on Pinterest or thoughts that enter my head while walking around my disaster of a house. I enjoy Pinterest and there’s nothing wrong with trying to have a cleaner house or a cuter mantle! But, if I am getting into a pattern of beating myself up after being on it, I am okay with taking a break for a week to reset my mind. Pinterest should be a tool we use to help us become better moms, wives, homemakers, etc.. It should not be a source of stress and anxiety.

So the next time you find yourself beating yourself up for not having every item checked off your cleaning schedule (or for not even having a cleaning schedule in the first place!), take that thought captive, give yourself grace, and remember that you are one awesome hot-mess. 🙂



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