A Simple List of Nursery Basics

My daughter had a beautiful nursery to come home to when we were released from the hospital. I thought I had everything-nice crib, cute changing table, organized dresser, reupholstered rocking chair…I was READY! Just kidding. I soon found out that I did not have everything I needed. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and a Target around the corner!Nursery Basics PNG

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No mom can get everything right the first time, but you sure can get close. Here is simple a list of must-have items that you should include when setting up your baby’s nursery!


The Crib

*Crib-My daughter’s crib was a gift from my parents. We love it because we can take the front off once Baby D is old enough to stay in bed on her own.Then, it can become a headboard for a full size bed. Shop around, but don’t overspend. Our daughter apparently gnaws on it when waiting for us to come to get her in the morning and after nap. Either that or there is a beaver sneaking into her room when we aren’t home. 😉

*FIRM Crib Mattress-To avoid SIDS risks, purchase a firm crib mattress. There are many different firmness levels and prices, so get the firmest one at largest price you can afford. This is important!

*Fitted Sheets-And by sheets I mean sheets! 2 or more! There are going to be leaks and explosions, so you always want to have a clean sheet ready to go as a back-up. These are so cute!

*Waterproof Mattress Pad-As I said, there are going to be accidents. That doesn’t mean you have to destroy the crib mattress! I have 2 of these so I always have a back-up ready in case of an accident. Nothing is worse than your baby flooding your only mattress pad in the middle of the night and not having a replacement! This is an affordable option. 

*Fleece Sheets-I mentioned this in my post 10 Items to Help Mamas Survive the First Year. A sleeping baby in your arms is more likely to stay asleep when you put them down if they are laid on warm, fleece sheets during the cold months. I have some on my bed so I totally can vouch for them! We have these fleece sheets on our baby’s bed!

*Mesh Bumpers-My little one would always get her limbs stuck in the crib slats. These bumpers prevent that from happening while not increasing the risk of SIDS. This is the brand we have.


The Changing Station

*Changing Pad with Cover-Nothing fancy, just make sure the cover is easy to wipe down with disinfectant spray or wipes. These covers are adorable! Changing Pad Cover - 100% ORGANIC JERSEY COTTON - 2 pack Unisex design Gray and White - Best baby shower gift Perfect for bassinet sheets for Boy or Girl 16X32 - by My Little North Star

*Dresser/Changing Table-For my baby’s nursery, we were given a tall dresser and found the cutest changing table at a garage sale. The storage was nice, but took up a lot of space in her small room. Lots of people just purchase a large, short dresser, then attach a changing pad to the top! Just make sure the changing pad is secure and there is a way to secure your little one onto it. Babies love rolling off changing tables!

*Wipe Warmer-These keep wipes nice and warm for your baby’s little bottom. A life-saver for those middle of the night diaper changes when you want to disturb your baby as little as possible. Cold wipes are a bit startling! This is the one we have. Works great and has a little night light on it for late night changings. hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser | Holder | Case with Changing Light

*Diapers & Wipes-You will literally go through HUNDREDS of diapers and wipes during the first month of your baby’s life. Seriously! Stock up, register for them, do whatever you can to get as many as possible. Midnight diaper runs are not fun! I have found that I can usually get the lowest price per diaper by using sales and coupons at Target and getting their Up & Up brand. My baby wasn’t super sensitive, so they were fine!

*Garbage Can-We got a Diaper Genie. Let’s just say it’s not a real genie. Baby poop is still poop, and it’s scent has the ability to penetrate through the strongest garbage can and bags. Poopy diapers just need to be thrown away outside ASAP! We still had a small garbage can for potty diapers that we changed frequently. Keep it small, as you will need to take the garbage out before it is full to keep the smell from getting too bad. This one would be perfect! 

Dresser/Clothes Storage


*Dresser-Or some way to store your baby’s clothes. As I said above, if I could do my daughter’s nursery again, I would have gotten a short, long dresser and used that as a changing table too.

*Little Hangers-I didn’t hang many clothes up-just her fancy dresses and tops. Infant clothes are SMALL, so get small hangers

*Drawer Sorters-Baby clothes are so tiny, and you will have so many of them. Not to mention burp cloths, blankets, bows, hats, socks, shoes…Find a system to keep them sorted and organized. I like IKEA’s drawer sorters. (They are only worth the price if you buy in the store, not Amazon. 😦 )


*Baby Monitor-Everyone has different opinions about baby monitors. There are ones with cameras, ones with just audio, ones that detect your baby’s breathing…lots to choose from! We had an Angel Care monitor with just audio and breathing detector. Worked great for us! Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White

*Humidifier-These put moisture into the air, which is great for when your little one gets their first cold. Have it out of the box and ready to go before your baby comes home from the hospital. You never know when their first cold will strike! We have this one and love it! 

Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier, Blue

*Noise Machine-We have a Sleep Sheep for Baby D. It’s great because it’s portable, so we can take it anywhere! You don’t want your baby to only be able to sleep in complete silence, so a noise maker will help get them used to sleeping with background noise.Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

*Night Light-There will be times once your baby is sleeping in their nursery that they will wake up in the middle of the night. (Unless you sleep train!) Don’t turn on the light and disturb everyone. Just have a small night light that gives you enough light to feed and change your little one. This little cloud one is too cute!

*Rocking Chair-This one’s a no-brainer. I highly recommend getting one that is COMFORTABLE. Between feeding and just rocking, you are going to be spending a lot of time in this chair. I lucked out and found ours at a garage sale for $1, then reupholstered it!


 There you have it! The basic items you need to set up a nursery. It can be very overwhelming to set up a nursery-especially if it’s for your first child. Just get the necessities first and go from there! All your baby really needs are diapers and you! 



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