10 Baby Items to Help Mamas Survive the First Year

Two years ago, I became a mom to a sweet little baby girl. I had done all the research on Pinterest and thought I had made the perfect baby registry. What I found was that, in the end, the most valuable things I received were gifts from other moms who knew the best baby items! So, here is my list of favorite baby products to share with you. They helped me survive that rough first year and can help you too!1-5 baby

#1 Muslin Swaddle Blankets-So light, so large, so perfect for swaddling. Most baby blankets are waaaaay to small to use to swaddle. These are perfect for practicing those swaddling skills you learned in those crazy baby prep classes! 

#2 Digital Forehead Thermometer-It’s awful when your baby gets sick, especially for the first time. This thermometer is awesome. No sticking anything anywhere things shouldn’t be stuck. Just hold it up to your baby’s forehead and presto!

#3 Sleep Sheep-This little guy was a life saver. It was gifted to us and soon became the item we feared to leave behind if we went anywhere. It has 4 settings of soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep. Eventually, our little one didn’t need it, but we still use it when she has to sleep anywhere other than her crib at home.

#4 Bottle Warmer-I had to pump and bottle feed for the first few months of my daughter’s life. This thing was a life-saver. You are not supposed to microwave breastmilk. This is a easy, quick way to heat up a cold bottle!

#5 Bottle Sanitizer-Once a week I would wash all the bottles, then quick sanitize them. Loved knowing those bottles (that could get quite nasty!) were super clean!

6-10 baby

#6 Baby Carrier-I was not a huge baby-wearer, mainly because I didn’t have a very strong back at the time. However, I would use this when I took my little one shopping (before she could sit up in a shopping cart). My hubby was cool wearing this too-not so much the wrap. 🙂

#7 Fleece Sheets-Nothing is worse than having a sleeping baby in your arms, slowly and carefully placing her in her crib, then having her scream as soon as she lays on the cold sheet! We switched to fleece sheets after realizing how cold her sheets were getting in the winter. Life saver!

#8 Angelcare Baby Monitor-SIDS is a thing, a thing of which I was TERRIFIED. A friend recommended the Angel Care monitor. It has a pad you place under the baby’s crib mattress that senses their breathing movements. There were a few times she rolled waaaaay off it and gave me a heart attack, but there was one time I don’t think it was a false alarm. I rushed to her room and she was laying right in the middle of the crib. Not sure what happened, but I’m sure glad I was alerted to it! Once you are ready to ditch the breathing monitor, it works as a regular monitor. The link above is the video monitor, we had this one. 

#9 Mesh Crib Bumper-My daughter loved to get her little limbs stuck in the crib slats. This mesh bumper prevented that while not causing a SIDS threat.

#10 North States Superyard Colorplay-Once your baby is mobile, it’s hard to relax at all if they are awake! They are crawling all over the place-getting into pet food, cupboards, drawers-basically anything they shouldn’t be getting into! I was gifted this Play Yard and it was possibly the best baby gift I ever got. It creates a little play area for your crawler. We used an 8 piece one, but if you need it to be larger, you can purchase more! They will all link together perfectly. We would just climb into it, but it also has gates you can buy. We still use this occasionally with our two year old. I put her in it with a movie on and can go get the lawn mowed!

What are some of your must-have baby products? Share in comments below!

10Baby Items pin.png

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