Apple Stamping-A super easy, super cute fall art project for toddlers!

Fall is in the air! Well, kinda. We are getting there. It was 93 degrees out today here in the Central Valley of California! Despite the high temperatures, we had the fall spirit alive indoors!

Baby D and I are in the first week of our alphabet curriculum and of course, what’s the first thing every kid learns about the letter A? A stands for APPLE! Perfect timing, universe!Apple Stamping Pin1

Aside from singing songs about apples and making apple desserts, we also wanted to do an art project! (Art starts with A too! Bonus points for mama!) There are tons of adorable “A” art projects on Pinterest, but this one seemed the easiest. I already had all the materials in my house:

  • paper (card stock thickness preferred)
  • newspaper or drop cloth
  • apple colored paints (I had red and “granny smith apple green”)
  • paper plate or tupperware (to squeeze paint onto)
  • cheap apple
  • forksimg_4157.jpg
    1. Prep your kiddo. I just put my painting t-shirt on my daughter and tied the back with a rubber band. She didn’t want to take it off! She loved her “painting dress!”
    2. Cut the apple in half vertically. No, this is not a “see the star inside the apple” project (although that would be fun too!) Cut it the other way.
    3. Stab both halves of the apple with forks. I’ve heard you can use popsicle sticks too, but the forks held the apples on super securely.
    4. Wipe down the apple with a paper towel. The open half of the apple is a little moist, so pat it down. Also, juice might come out of where you stabbed the apple with the fork. Clean them up before you hand them over to your kid. Don’t want to ruin your picture with apple juice!
    5. Prep paint. Squeeze a little bit of paint onto a paper plate or old tupperware lid. You want to have enough room to dab the apple in the paint. img_4162.jpg
    6. Get stamping! It’s tempting to want to totally hold your child’s hand throughout this project. Literally! I helped Baby D with the first paper and then let her go crazy on the second. Both turned out good!
    7. Let them dry and put on display! (I let Baby D go crazy on the left one!)

      Apple Stamping Pin2


1 thought on “Apple Stamping-A super easy, super cute fall art project for toddlers!”

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