How to Hang with a 1 Year Old (Indoors Edition)

Today was a long day. My hubby left for work early and will be getting home late. Hate when that happens! To make matters worse, it was 104 out today! Thankfully, Baby D and I had plenty to do indoors. We didn’t get to all of them today, but here is a list of things we like to do together!

  1. Play “Hide and Seek.” There are lots of ways to play this depending on your kiddo’s age. Currently, Baby D can kinda count to 5 with her eyes closed, giving me just enough time to duck behind something. Hopefully soon she will be able to sit still long enough to hide and I’ll get to seek her!img_3844.jpg
  2. Snuggle and watch an episode of TV. I am blessed with a child who can sit and watch an entire episode of Daniel Tiger or Puffin Rock. We cuddle up on the couch with a blankie and enjoy our time together.
  3. Play “Spoons.” Not sure why we call it spoons, but my kiddo loves spoons, cups, bowls, and measuring cups! I fill them with Cheerios, and Baby D pours them into each other, stirs them, and fills up on Cheerios! Great activity to do in the kitchen while mommy cooks!
  4. Bake a treat together. Find an easy cookie recipe and let your little one dump the ingredients in and stir!
  5. Play “Find [Insert favorite toy’s name here].” Take a small, favorite toy and hide it! Sometimes I hide “Snowball” behind a pillow, other times it’s in plain sight, but somewhere my little one wouldn’t expect it to be!IMG_3834
  6. Make dinner together. If your child is in the “I wanna help” stage, let them! Wouldn’t want to make that helpful spirit go away! Let them pour or stir dinner. Be careful with ovens and stovetops, of course.
  7. Read together. Of course we are reading to our little ones, but once they start talking or even just babbling, it’s fun to let them “read” to you!img_3838.jpg
  8. Sing. Pandora has lots of little kid stations. Find some music you can tolerate and sing a duet! We love the Moana soundtrack!
  9. Color. All you need are some crayons and paper! Save some of their art. It’s so neat to see their fine motor skills develop over time.img_3853.jpg
  10. Play with stickers. Baby D LOVES stickers right now. At first, I needed to peel the stickers off and hand the to her, but now she’s got the hang of it.
  11. Play with Playdough. So fun to see what they make (or try to make!).
  12. Play beauty parlor. It might be a bit painful, but letting my daughter comb my hair makes her day!
  13. Build castles. If you have Legos, great. If not, kids LOVE stacking tupperware and calling it a castle!
  14. Do puzzles. We have lots of puzzles. Once Baby D gets bored of them individually, I dump them all out together. Extra challenge!img_3863.jpg

What else do you like to do with your kiddo when you’re stuck indoors? Share in the comment section below!

How to Hang with a 1 Year Old JPEG

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