My Super Simple Command Center

I drool when I see the command centers some moms make on Pinterest. So much organization in one place! Having just one kiddo who isn’t in school yet, I am not in need of all the bells and whistles seen on Pinterest. I did, however, need something to solve my clutter problem. Here is my Super Simple Command Center!


Not a lot to say about it. I got this large calendar from Hobby Lobby and the wall file from IKEA.

The Calendar

Nothing fancy here! I found this calendar for half off at Hobby Lobby. I write down everything my little family does. It’s so crazy how quickly our days fill up! This is what my calendar looks like at the beginning of the month. Things are added to this all the time and by the end of the month, there’s not much space left.

I like to sneak Bible verses into places I look at frequently!IMG_3448

The Filing System

The kitchen counter was a breeding ground for paper clutter. There was always a pile or multiple piles of paper there. They would grow. Then grow some more. Then become a monster! Suddenly, when we were having company over, I needed to get rid of it. I’d throw it in a box and chuck it in a closet, only to be seen the next time we had company and I threw a new box of paper clutter on top of it.

img_3449.jpgI saw this paper filer on Pinterest and bought it at IKEA soon after. I had these cute file folders that I got at Target and never used. Your family’s files will be labeled differently, of course. Here are my labels:

  1. Mr. Hobby-This is where I put Mr. Hobby’s stuff that I don’t know what to do with. It’s stuff that I know we need to save and know where to find. If I put it in his office, it will never be seen again.
  2. Mrs. Hobby-My stuff! I fill this file with papers that I don’t want to completely file away right now, but want to have nearby for reference. Currently, I have some potty training handouts from the doctor in there, as well as my college diploma. I really need to hang that up one of these days.
  3. To Shred-I don’t want to have to turn on the shredder every time I check the mail. I file things that need to be shredded and do that about once or twice a month (AKA, when I can’t fit anything else in there.)
  4. To File-Our file boxes are in the back of a closet and really aren’t used often. I’m too lazy to climb back there every day, so I put items that need to be filed in here until I have the time.
  5. To Sort-THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS! I found I was always leaving papers out for my husband to look at. He would look at them, then place them right back on the kitchen counter-hence the paper clutter monster. Sometimes, those items could be tossed, shredded, or filed right away. Other things need to be dealt with soon, but not that very second. These papers go in the “To Sort” file and are looked through once or twice a week. Much better than all over my beautiful counters!


That’s it! Super simple, and super cute thanks to the Hobby Lobby clearance section!

Command Center Pin


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