My Favorite BABY Items to Buy at Costco!

This post does NOT contain affiliate links. I just really love Costco. 🙂 

As you may have noticed in My Top 10 Favorite Things to Buy at Costco, I LOVE COSTCO! That love was reconfirmed after having a baby. Here are my favorite baby items to buy at Costco!

  1. Shampoo & Body Wash-Gotta love The Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash! I normally wouldn’t buy such expensive products, but this is such a good deal, smells soooooo good and lasts so long! 2-17oz bottles for $14.99. You literally get two for the price of what you would pay for one at Target. I bought the 2 pack a year and a half ago and am just now finishing the 2nd bottle. Plus it goes on sale every once in a while for just $11.99! Yes, please!IMG_3273
  2. Formula-Maybe you are one of those moms who are able to exclusively breastfeed. That is AWESOME! Keep it up, girl! I was not. Long story. If you supplement or are exclusively feeding your baby formula, you’ll get a great deal here! Online, it’s $49.99 for 3-34 oz tubs, plus free shipping. In-store, $16.99 for a 34 oz tub. img_3278.jpg
  3. PJs-Carter’s PJs are available at Costco. The member only price is $7.49. That’s a great price, but even better if you wait until they go on sale for around $6! IMG_3270 2
  4. Clothes-Costco always has cute baby clothes at great prices for members! Even Easter dresses for the girls!
  5. Wipes-I love Kirkland wipes because they are SO BIG! You only need one or two wipes for most dirty diapers. (Or if you’re my husband, 7. :P) A box of 900 wipes (9-100 count packs) is just $19.99, or $15.99 when on sale! IMG_3280
  6. Baby Announcements-Take a look at the Photo Center at They have super cute baby announcements. $14.99 gets you 50 prints, 50 envelopes, and 4 small calendar prints! Plus, if you are lucky like me, your baby will be born in October, when they go on sale for the holidays!
  7. Car Seat– We got this beauty for just $99.99! It’s a great car seat and does NOT feel cheap at all. It’s a 3-in-1 carseat, so it’s gonna last us a long time! Just beware, it takes up almost your entire shopping cart! IMG_3290
  8. Whole Milk-Once it’s time to start giving your baby whole milk, you will go through A LOT of it! At Costco, it’s just $2.90 a gallon ($5.80 for a 2 pack). IMG_3293


I’m sure I’ll find more products I love for babies at Costco once we decide to have baby #2! Let us know your favorite baby items to get at Costco in the comments section! 🙂

P.S. You were probably expecting me to have Kirkland diapers on this list. Nope. I can get a better deal at Target thanks to coupons, Cartwheel, my Red Card, and waiting for sales.

Costco Baby copy


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