How to Shred and Freeze a Rotisserie Chicken

Ahh Costco rotisserie chickens. What would I do without you?

I love doing things the quickest, cheapest, most efficient way possible, which is why I am in love with Costco’s rotisserie chickens!! I have a ton of recipes that I use them in because they make everything so easy! I do my grocery shopping at Costco just once a month, so I buy the chickens, shred them, then freeze them. When I need shredded chicken, all I have to do is defrost it.


What You’ll Need:

    • rotisserie chickens
    • food preparation gloves
    • large bowl
    • trash can
    • knife
    • measuring cup (2 or 4 cup)
    • freezer bags (quart or gallon)
    • permanent markers

Here are some tips to help the process go well!

  • Get food preparation gloves. Trust me. This will make this process so much less yucky and they are so cheap! No need to worry about chicken getting stuck under your nails, or worse-what from under your nails is going into the chicken. (Gross, but true.)
  • Buy the chickens the day you have time to shred them. Apparently Costco has a rule that you can only buy 2 at a time. I was unaware of this rule until a few days ago and have been buying at least 3 chickens at a time for the past few months. Those Costco workers must like me. I will keep trying to get my 3+ chickens at once, but will have to resort to other measures if they stop me.
  • Let them cool off! It’s amazing how long those puppies stay hot! I usually let mine sit on the counter for an hour or two after I get home to cool.
  • Don’t let them cool off too much! Once the fat at the bottoms starts solidifying, things get gross. Plus, tearing the chicken apart while it’s still warm is way easier than when it’s pretty cool. The chicken falls off the bone much easier!
  • Prep your kitchen. Get out materials listed above. You may also want an apron. Splattering happens! Just ask my brand new, juice covered top. 😦 

Now take off your rings, put on your gloves, and get to work!

  1. Start by cutting the string holding the legs together.IMG_2863
  2. Grab the whole leg and thigh and rip off.
  3. Toss the skin and collect the useable meat.
  4. Shred as you go, putting the shredded chicken in your large bowl.
  5. Repeat on the other leg/thigh.IMG_2868
  6. Tear off the wings and collect shreddable meat. There isn’t that much here!IMG_2869
  7. Pull skin off of both breasts and shred remaining meat. This is where you will get the majority of your shredded chicken. IMG_2873
  8. Poke around the rest of the chicken to see if there is any useable meat left.
  9. Toss the rest! You should have about 4 cups of chicken in the bowl.IMG_2879
  10. Bag the chicken. Make sure it’s all shredded first. I like to measure out bags of 2 cups. This seems to be a good amount for a meal for my family of 3. You may just want to do larger amounts if your family is larger! Make sure you squeeze out as much air as possible before you seal to prevent freezer burn. Don’t forget to label the baggie with the contents, amounts, and date!IMG_2888
  11. Freeze!

That’s it! I was able to make 4-2 cup bags of shredded chicken out of 2 rotisserie chickens from Costco. I now have a few meals worth of chicken already shredded. I’ll just take it out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge. It will be defrosted by dinner time the next day and ready to be added to some yummy meals!

Rot. Chick. Pin Pic

8 thoughts on “How to Shred and Freeze a Rotisserie Chicken”

  1. I was alway taught formally and by mom cooked poultry needs to be taken off the carcus before freezing. Is this still true?


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